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Parrearra (Sunshine Coast), May 12, 2011

Parrearra (Sunshine Coast), May 12, 2011

10.30pm On returning home I headed upstairs to my bedroom without turning any lights on in the house. As I entered the room I could see what appeared to be a low flying craft, travelling south along the coastline.

The thing that piqued my attention was that the craft was not lit at all and didn’t appear smooth or recognisable as any other aircraft I have seen. The closest description I could give is that it appeared like a low flying cloud. I would estimate the size to have been that of three or four Chinook helicopters, which periodically fly through, typically during the day. I opened the balcony door and went out for a better look. The object couldn’t have been flying more than a few hundred metres above the ocean and was no more than two kilometres away. The only reason it could be seen at all was the orange street lights reflecting off the underside and side.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the door is that there was absolutely no aircraft noise. The air was cold and dead calm. I could hear a road crew spraying white lines on the Nicklin Way, about 600 metres away and the small waves at Kawana Beach. It was about 30 seconds before the object had disappeared from view, over Caloundra somewhere. From this, I would conservatively estimate its speed to be around 500km/h.


Parrearra, Queensland, Australia


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