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Parkinson, 12 or 19 September, 12 or 19 2008

Parkinson, 12 or 19 September, 12 or 19 2008

Myself and a friend witnessed the following event which may be easily explained or may not. Approximately 7:30-8:00pm on either Friday 12th or 19th September, we were sitting outside in Parkinson Brisbane. It was a clear night, a light aircraft had flown over closely followed by a helicopter (possibly an emergency medical heli). After the helicopter had passed (the noise was still audible) we saw a green light moving at high speed quite low and horizontal. It emitted no noise and was travelling too fast for a commercial airline. It went in a straight line, it wasn’t falling. We lost sight of it due to the neighbour’s roof. I originally thought it may have been a flare from the helicopter however it didn’t fall to the ground nor fizzle out. It’s hard to estimate the altitude but we both thought it would have been lower then the helicopter.

One question that comes to mind if there is not a rational explanation is why would some type of craft have a bright light so as to be easily seen? I should also point out neither of us had been drinking nor consumed any drugs.


Parkinson, Queensland, Australia


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