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Paris, France, July 2000, 3.30am, reported February 2009

Paris, France, July 2000, 3.30am, reported February 2009

In the summer of the year 2000 in mid July, I was living in the 8th Arrondisement in Paris (which is central Paris) in a little studio on the 6th floor with a clear view over the rooftops of neighbouring buildings. The sighting occurred at approximately 3.30am and I had the distinct impression that my sleep had been purposely interrupted somehow. I went to the fridge and drank a glass of orange juice and then instinctively looked out of my kitchen window, which was wide open as it was a clear warm night (approx 27C) with no clouds in the sky. The air was absolutely still and it was totally silent.

Suddenly about 8 degrees over horizontal at 12 o’clock, in other words directly in front of me, there appeared four very bright white circular plasma-type lights which were arranged in a vertical line, each one equidistant from the others, which appeared out of nowhere. Over a period that I estimated to be around eight seconds, these four points of light then drew four horizontal lines from left to my right which became progressively longer, until four seconds after which they became progressively shorter again to become the same four points of light after eight seconds. The lines were still equidistant, exactly like the points of light, and they were just as bright. At the end of the eight seconds the four lights suddenly vanished.

I estimate that the lines drew an arc of approximately 5 to 7 degrees, however it was difficult to estimate the distance of the lights since there were no reference points by which I could compare them to. I have a physics background so I have been extremely methodical and rigorous in my analysis of this phenomenon and I have come to certain conclusions.

Firstly what I saw was definitely not the result of any atmospheric phenomena like ball lightning for example. Secondly it was definitely not the result of reflection of car lights against clouds since there were no clouds. These bright white lights were definitely not the navigation lights of a plane or a helicopter because I saw those things practically every day and the planes had a very specific trajectory when they flew over my area, and they were at a much higher altitude than the appearance of these brilliant lights which I estimated to be approximately 200 to 300 metres above the ground. They were also not the result of the circulating lights on top of the Eiffel tower or balloons or fireworks or anything else of man-made origin.

After reflection I believe that the four brilliant white plasma-type lights were in fact drawing lines along the hull of a single craft which was moving very slowly from my right to left, in other words in the opposite direction to the lines of light which were going from left to right. To confirm this theory I grabbed four pens and taped them together in a vertical manner and drew four vertical points and then drew four lines from left to right. It became immediately clear that the piece of paper which represents the craft was going in the opposite direction to the lines. I also suspect that this craft had very sophisticated camouflage technology which made it absolutely invisible. This is not some science fiction scenario as serious researchers all over the world are actually working on bending or refracting light for the purposes of camouflage. There are several different techniques by which this may be achieved in theory, but suffice it to say that an advanced technological civilization would almost certainly have solved the technical problems of achieving total invisibility.

I also thought about how I woke up to see this phenomenon, because I rarely wake up at night and usually sleep right up to dawn so this was most unusual for me. I know that microwaves can disrupt sleeping patterns and once again it would be very easy for an advanced civilization to use microwaves to wake someone up from deep sleep. However the purpose remains a complete mystery.


Paris, France


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