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Paddington, July 23 2009, 12.20am

Paddington, July 23 2009, 12.20am

I saw a very bright white/yellow light around a kilometre away from me at my home in Paddington Brisbane tonight at about 12:20am. It stayed still over the Auchenflower or Milton area for about 30 seconds, as I observed it from my balcony. It had rays of light shining from the main point and that weird red and blue colour (the one you get in 3-D glasses) formed. It then started slowly moving to the west behind some trees and started coming towards me. It quickly came closer to me until it was about 100-200m away from the trees blocking my view and then most of its lights cut out. It then travelled SW behind the Rosalie Marist School hill. I could see a different shade of black around it (saucer?) and no constant flashing light like all planes and helicopters are supposed to have here aren’t they?


Paddington, Queensland, Australia


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