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Packenham [VIC], 1977-78 [reported March 2004]

Packenham [VIC], 1977-78 [reported March 2004]

A witness reported seeing an unusual object in 1977-78 while living in Packenham VIC. At the time she lived on a farm and she was hosting a fund-raising event for a children’s group. Twelve objects were seen in formation and each of them appeared to be elongated dots with a little plume behind them. They would change direction abruptly and perform right-angle turns at fast speeds. One object seemed to be the “leader” and when it took off, the rest followed suit. The objects were observed for 10 to 15 minutes before disappearing. At the time she phoned the airport and personnel confirmed they could detect the objects as well. The Bureau of Meteorology was also inundated with about 300 calls from people who saw the same incident. There were 14 witnesses with her at the fundraiser who also saw the objects. The incident made quite an impression on her and her family and it still comes up in conversation today.


Pakenham, Victoria, Australia


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