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Pacific Highway, QLD/NSW Border

Pacific Highway, QLD/NSW Border

I have no particular interest in UFOs or aliens and have never written about this before. Back in 1996 I was riding my motorbike south from Brisbane to Byron Bay and, to escape the heavy traffic, I left before dawn. As I neared the Qld/NSW border a very bright light coming from directly above me surrounded me. My first thought was the helicopter police were doing a speed-check & so I decided to keep going at a steady 100kph. However, the bright light would not go away & I was getting so angry with the police and the glare which made vision difficult, I pulled over. As I had a full-face helmet on I could not look straight up as much as I wanted to well riding. Once I pulled to the side of the hwy I glanced up & saw, just for a second, what seemed to be a flying carousel of the type seen at fair grounds covered with coloured lights making circle patterns. I had only seen it for a second when it accelerated south so quickly I knew it could not be a helicopter or any other human flying vehicle as the acceleration would surely have crushed any occupant/s. I stood in shock by the side of the rode for maybe 15-20 secs when a car pulled up behind me with one male occupant who shouted at me excitedly, “Did you see that! Did you see that!” I said I saw something but was unsure what & his description seemed to match my own. He seemed convinced it was an alien craft but I was (and am) reluctant to say with certainty what it was as I really don’t know. It was only after we parted company that I realised that I should have exchanged details with this man for confirmation but I think we were both too much in shock to think straight. Although it is now 22 years later I can still see that image of this floating carousel of coloured lights but have preferred to regard it as an unknown object rather than claim to know what I do not. Perhaps there were other sightings in this area at this time which may collaborate this incident?


Australia- Pacific Hwy just north of Qld/NSW border. This was at approx. 4:30 – 5 am


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