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Oyster Bay [NSW], 1998 [reported August 1 2005]

Oyster Bay [NSW], 1998 [reported August 1 2005]

About seven years ago in 1998 I was on my way home to feed my cat at about 2.00am in the morning. I drove up towards my street and noticed all the street lights were out. I was fighting with my brother, who I lived with at the time, so I turned my car lights off while driving up towards home. I pulled over in front of my place, turned off the car and looked through the windscreen. Up towards the end of the street there is a gully with tall trees. About three quarters up the trees I noticed some lights, about seven or eight of them. I was about 150 meters from the lights. Anyway I sat in the car for about three minutes and thought ‘they’re not going to move’ and I wasn’t going to, so I got out the car, stood in the middle of the road, and waited about one minute. Then the lights came out the trees, floated down the road about 40 feet in the air. Very slowly they floated over the top of me. They look like a flame with a three feet glow around them, and they were about 20 feet apart from each other in a formation. They floated towards the north and slowly got higher, and one by one they disappeared. It took all of about ten minutes from start to finish. I walked up the drive and went to bed. I wasn’t on drugs or alcohol and it has baffled me to this day. I am 39. It was a warm night with clear skies and no wind. Afterwards I felt happy — the lights had a calming effect to any stress I had. If it was a UFO it wouldn’t have been sitting waiting in the actual trees or it would have damaged the trees. The objects floated out from the trees, and when they floated over the top of me they looked more like energy of some type.


Oyster Bay, New South Wales, Australia


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