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Oxley, Gold Coast, April 10 2010, 11.30am

Oxley, Gold Coast, April 10 2010, 11.30am

I just wanted to report a sighting of an usual object in the sky. I was driving down Oxley Drive, Gold Coast, when I looked across to the southern sky and noticed a large white object about the size of a domestic plane. At first I thought it was a plane, and then it registered that it was oval in shape. I then looked more carefully at it, and as I did this it disappeared. It was just below the eye level one normally sees a plane. This happened about 11.30 in the morning. I drove a bit further along the road to the intersection lights. When I looked up at the sky again there was a black helicopter coming along towards the direction in which I saw the object. I then had to proceed along the road and didn’t see anything else.


Oxley, Queensland, Australia


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