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Oxenford, July 7 2003, 6.40pm

Oxenford, July 7 2003, 6.40pm

I live at Studio Village near Oxenford Queensland. Recently I witnessed something that was not a plane, helicopter or satellite. In the north-western sky at about 45 degrees high, I saw a bluish white light coming from the west heading east at 6:40pm on July 7. Most aircraft that I see in the sky are coming from the south heading north presumably to Brisbane airport. I thought it was a helicopter, but the light faded out and then reappeared further west. The sky was clear, no clouds at all and no wind. There were no other lights on the object that I could see. It was about as bright and as big as the brightest star in the southern Cross. I watched it for approximately 1 minute. There was about five seconds between the light being on and off. The light stayed on for about three seconds then faded and reappeared five seconds later. There was no noise as it seemed to be far away. It moved about as fast as a light aircraft at close range. It appeared at one time to take a right angled turn to the south then it reappeared on its westerly direction. The light went off and then reappeared probably a few kilometres south of its last position. I have never seen an object in the sky take that sort of turn over that distance in such a short time frame [less then 5 seconds]. It spooked me quite a bit. It was definitely not an object that I’m used to seeing in the skies.


Oxenford, Queensland, Australia


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