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Orb over Brisbane

Orb over Brisbane

Not that remarkable but I thought I would report anyway because I’m still not sure what I was looking at. I’m not sure of the date but would have been late May 2021. Shortly after sunset, looking northeast from PA hospital Woolloongabba I saw what appeared to be a bright white light low in the sky that looked similar to Venus. I’m sure it wasn’t Venus because it was in the wrong part of the sky (i.e. not close to the sun) and I immediately estimated it was somewhat closer. It didn’t move and the light was constant and steady. At the same time a plane was coming in to land at Brisbane airport and I thought for a moment that the plane might hit it. But the plane turned before crossing the object but I felt they were a similar distance from me – say a few km away. I kept my eye on it and then saw a very faint orb travel in curving trajectory into the bottom of the brighter object. This happened within half a second and could have been easily missed. I thought “well that was weird” but didn’t see anything else. I kept looking for a moment longer and then decided to go to a better vantage point at the bus station. For some reason I forgot to look again when I got to the station and I just continued home so I don’t know if it was still there or if it had disappeared.


PA hospital, woolloongabba


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