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Old Bar [NSW] January 23 2006, 10.30pm

Old Bar [NSW] January 23 2006, 10.30pm

On the 23rd of January 2006 at 10.30pm at Old Bar NSW. I was closing my shed to walk to the house when I saw a bright orange light out to sea. The orange ball was larger than any star in the sky. I only glanced at it at first as it caught my eye whilst walking to the house. The light vanished so I walked out into the paddock to see if it would come back. It then appeared again out to sea and was larger, with another orange ball offset lower on the horizon. The orange balls would stay on for a few seconds then vanish. There was no sound and the orange ball I looked at first was about 30 nautical miles away, and when it came back on it was about 15Nm away, brighter and larger and had travelled this distance in about five seconds. The objects did not descend or ascend when lit up. I became concerned, but I don’t know why, I could only put my concern down to the idea that I could not think of any earthbound objects that would be that large or fast or even behave like the orange balls did.


Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia


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