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October 5th 2019 . 14.15 pm approx.

October 5th 2019 . 14.15 pm approx.

October 5th 2019. 14.15 pm approx.I was walking south along Auckland street, as usual approaching the overhead bridge I looked up and noticed a super bright light, now this was daylight, presumed it was sunlight reflecting of some kind of aircraft. I did wonder what made it reflect so strongly. Because even with sunnies on it hurt, the object quickly became rectangular shaped and was brilliant white. Thinking my goodness what kind of aircraft is that.? Within seconds it vanished. I was puzzled perhaps I’d seen a satellite. That same evening quite late from my Verandah I saw a bright light whose trajectory couldn’t possibly be a plane descend steeply in South East trajectory over the port? Two sightings in one day? Now second may have been a meteorite? But it too suddenly vanished. I can’t recall the second sighting time but somewhere between 10 and midnight same date…




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