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NSW, [reported Thursday March 13 2003, all events reported by same witness]

NSW, [reported Thursday March 13 2003, all events reported by same witness]

1. On the 10th December 2002 in the evening a woman was driving with her daughter from Dubbo in an east to west direction. She saw a round object with changing colours, about the size of a house, hovering in the sky about 500m above the ground. It was moving and disappearing then reappearing as she drove. She arrived at her son’s house and called her son and friend out to see it. All four observed it to be about 1km high and the same distance away from them. It kept changing colour through the colours of the rainbow like a fibre-optic lamp, and she kept thinking how beautiful the colours were. She eventually lost sight of it as it disappeared from view.

2. In 1984 the same witness was camping in the Newcastle hills at Dungong when at 4pm she observed a long, cigar-shaped silver object travelling ‘full steam’ across the horizon being chased by two RAAF jets. It stopped suddenly then moved from left to right then left again, as if marking time until the jets caught up with it. She got the distinct impression that the object was playing with the jets as it took off again and disappeared.

3. In 1995 the witness was driving from Mungindi along a dirt road towards the next town where she was working at the time. She realized she had forgotten some clothes she needed and turned around to drive home to retrieve them. As she was driving she observed something hovering in the sky about 500 metres away 400 metres high. She stopped the car and got out to get a clearer view. As she did so the object landed a couple of hundred metres away and she was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of dread, doom and feeling threatened. She quickly got back in the car and drove off but the object pursued her for some time then blinked out.

4. In 1989 this witness was driving in the evening from Goodooga near Lightning Ridge in NSW towards Newcastle when she observed what looked like a shooting star fall from the west which seemed to hit the ground then shoot back up into the sky towards the east creating a V-shaped bounce.


NSW, Australia


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