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North Brisbane, Friday April 21 2012, 1.26am

North Brisbane, Friday April 21 2012, 1.26am

I awoke when my wife went to the bathroom, and as I was lying in bed deciding whether to go myself, I looked out of the bedroom and noticed a flickering orange light through the leaves of a tree in the back yard. I got out of bed and went to the window and saw two large lights travelling in tandem, coming slowly across from the north. The lights were large in comparison to normal aircraft lighting and there was no strobe lighting. The lights were steady and moving slowly. Because of light cloud cover it was difficult to determine height. I called my wife to come and see. We both couldn’t understand what it could be. It was not helicopters, because of the size of the lights and the consistency of distance between them. They did not seem to lose or gain any height during this time, which was about four minutes, before moving around to the western sky and gradually becoming lost in cloud. The positioning of the lights became vertical the further west it travelled and seemed to indicate a single object.

The colour was exactly the same on both lights. Movement could be seen on the very outside rim of the light. The light shape was more squarish than round. I looked at the bedside light during the sighting and it read 1.26am. I ran downstairs to the backyard to see if I could get a video on my camera, but was unable. I have absolutely no idea what it was. There was no noise, before, during or after the sighting, and as I was running down the stairs to the back garden, my wife said the object appeared to stop and change direction. I also saw the change of flight path, but not the halt. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I thought I would record what we had seen while it was fresh.


North Brisbane Sheds
126 S Pine Rd


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