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Noosa, Tuesday January 26 2010

Noosa, Tuesday January 26 2010

My wife and I were lying on Noosa beach last night just looking up into the sky when we noticed a bright flashing light. (By the way, neither of us had had a drink!!) The light flashed a couple of times but with no mathematical sequence. At first it appeared to be travelling in a north to south direction, but then disappeared. Then in about two minutes time it flashed again a few times, once again very erratically, but this time in an east to west direction, again without any mathematical sequence. It then disappeared. The light was bright and there was no sound whatsoever. I initially thought it was a satellite, but it seemed too bright for one and going too fast. Then, I thought maybe it was a plane but it had no other lights and there was no sound at all. Not only that but if it was a plane it would have flashed mathematically and not changed direction like it did, and would not have disappeared the way it did either. The sky was bright and cloudless in the direction where we were looking. There is more than likely a logical explanation but I couldn’t find one so I thought I would let you guys know about it.


Noosa beach, Queensland, Australia


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