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Noosa, Queensland, September 28 2005, 6.45pm

Noosa, Queensland, September 28 2005, 6.45pm

Just letting you know that tonight at 6.45pm, we watched a UFO travelling north to south [opposite direction to air-traffic flight path in our area] for about two minutes. It was extremely bright, in fact much brighter than all the stars, and travelling in a fairly straight if wobbly and erratic trajectory towards the south. We often see satellites in the night sky going in that direction, but this was much closer, bigger and brighter than the satellites we see. No coloured lights blinking or anything like that, only one bright ball of white light that stood out ‘brilliantly’ from everything else in the sky at that time. It reminded me of the type of white light that comes out of a fireworks sparkler.

What was really interesting tonight was that a regular north-bound commuter flight we see at that time every night was heading right for the UFO and was on a collision course with it. We both stood holding our breath, then realised both craft seemed to change their altitude slightly [the plane going up and the UFO dropping down] in what looked like an obvious evasive manoeuvre to avoid collision! Shortly after they passed by each other [it still looked very close to us], our UFO friend changed direction and began heading eastward out to sea, before rapidly fading from bright to nothing, and was gone in a just a second or two, as though it had suddenly accelerated rapidly. It is a clear night here tonight, no clouds can be seen anywhere.

We saw one do something very similar to this several years ago, and tonight we both commented that it seemed these things almost went out of their way to be seen before they make their rapid departure. To my thinking, the crew of that flight who took what looked to us to be evasive action, cannot have failed to see that UFO… possibly some of the passengers would have seen it also.


Noosa, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia


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