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Ningi, Qld, April 13 2010 6.37pm

Ningi, Qld, April 13 2010 6.37pm

I would like to report the sighting of an unidentified aerial object which happened this evening at approximately 1837 hours. The details are as follows:

On the evening of Tuesday 13th April 2010, I was standing out on the lawn on the eastern side of the patio at the back of the house at Wattle Grove Drive, Ningi, facing east. With me were my daughter and my wife. We were having a smoke and a chat. The time was approximately 1837 hours. The night sky was relatively clear and the stars were quite visible.

My daughter called our attention to what she initially thought was a shooting star. She quickly realised that it wasn’t because it wasn’t breaking up and it maintained its trajectory at the same height, course and speed. It was a little hard to see as it had a similar luminosity to a dull star and was about the size of an average star. Its direction of travel was approximately north-west to south-east. It appeared to be very high. Its speed was constant but quite fast for its height. I likened it to a fast jet fighter at low level. The duration of the sighting was approximately seven seconds. During that seven seconds, it travelled through approximately 45 degrees of horizontal arc. Its elevation or height above the eastern horizon was approximately 65 to 70 degrees. It had no flashing lights such as navigation or anti-collision lights, just a dull, steady white light. There was no sound for the duration of the sighting. It disappeared after seven seconds.


Ningi, Queensland, Australia


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