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Nerang – Gold Coast hinterland, QLD, March 4 2009, 7.00pm

Nerang – Gold Coast hinterland, QLD, March 4 2009, 7.00pm

Four witnesses observed a bright light high up in the sky approximately 50 times the size of a star. Over the next 30 minutes it descended vertically into the Nerang Forest and a glow could be seen where it settled in the trees. The object soon shot a subtle green hollow beam of light, like a “green tunnel”, across to the neighbouring suburb of Highland Park. Immediately another light flash responded from the other side of the forest from the Mt Nathan area. This light was described as “bright as a football stadium light”. This flash only lit up for two seconds. Ten seconds later the first object split into two light sources while still low in the forest, then reintegrated, became brighter and disappeared.

The caller was shaken by what she saw and said she had no interest in UFOs until she had this sighting. She’s 33 years old and two of the other witnesses were her husband and mother. The caller stated there was no housing in the Mt Nathan area so she was unsure what explanation could be found for the bright secondary flash of light. Her own home backed onto the Nerang forest. The entire incident occurred over a two hour period. The family have seen these lights five times since the 18th of February doing similar things and feel quite unsettled by the latest incident on March 4.


Nerang, Queensland, Australia


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