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Near Aratula, Sunday February 11 2001, 3.00am

Near Aratula, Sunday February 11 2001, 3.00am

Two witnesses were in a car proceeding towards Ipswich and saw a completely silent object come so close that its moving parts could be observed. The driver flashed his vehicle headlights and the object flashed back three times. They had lost their way, and stopped to get bearings when the object was first seen by them, looking like the moon. It bounced around like a ball and then shot across the sky. It appeared to be metallic when seen up close and displayed swinging arms but seemed to be a smallish device. The witnesses were going to an all night party, got lost and made it there by sunrise. They drove off after first seeing the object and it appeared to them again. The object would “switch off” and appear elsewhere. Other witnesses had also seen the object. The witness reporting has not talked to anybody else about the incident and is bothered by it.


Aratula, Queensland, Australia


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