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Narrabri, NSW, Thursday November 27 2008, 4.15am

Narrabri, NSW, Thursday November 27 2008, 4.15am

I live just outside of Narrabri 2390 NSW on the Kaputar Road, and when I went to work this morning, at 4.15am after rain that night, you could see a lot of stars in the sky. I only live eight kilometres out of town and as I was travelling along Kaputar Road I watched the stars and there was a star… I thought it was a little bit out of shape, more like an oval with light like a stripe. I saw that for about two kilometres and then it come closer. It was an egg-shaped thing with dull lights flashing and I was too scared to pull up and have a look. I was really scared. If somebody had been with me I would have stopped, but not by myself. It did not move and it was the size of an egg with three dull lights flashing.


Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia


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