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Narangba, Wednesday July 12 2006, 10:50am

Narangba, Wednesday July 12 2006, 10:50am

At about 10:50am Wednesday 12th July I was sitting outside and heard what sounded like a plane dropping altitude, but it sounded about four or five times louder than normal. The sound lasted around ten seconds. I looked up into a clear blue sky and did not see any planes, but I did see what for a split second seemed to be a plastic bag floating rather high and a fair way north of me. But as I watched this it seemed to be moving too fast and it was shining too bright. It seemed to go in a northeast direction and was also kind of slightly bouncing as well. It lasted about 7-12 seconds before it vanished. I did sit there for a further 35 minutes and saw nothing but a few planes, but as I viewed them it seemed they had a dark wet look, and moved a lot slower across the sky. The planes were not very bright and cone-shaped.


Narangba, Queensland, Australia


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