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Nanango, 2002 [reported 2006]

Nanango, 2002 [reported 2006]

I am 63 and four years ago I saw three isosceles triangle-shaped UFOs. I was in my back garden in early summer and the sky was not quite dark, just twilight, and I saw in the western sky at approximately 20 degrees three craft floating slowly along on a south-north path [magnetic]. They gave out no exhaust and had no lights and were a steely grey colour. They were at an approximate height of between 500 to 1000 feet and at a distance of approximately 3000 yards. They were quite large and at a guess I would say that if you held a 5-cent piece up at arms length you would not cover the lead ship. The lead ship was in front of and slightly above the next one and quite close, the third craft was lower and behind the others by almost 1.5 ship lengths. Prior to this day I always felt squirmy about talking about what I saw, but now it seems that I can talk about my sighting of the three UFOs but not about any of the other UFOs I have seen, Why I do not know, I hold no fear of UFOs or their occupants should I ever meet any. I always give out a loving feeling when I see any craft and I believe that what goes around comes around. I hope this helps your research.


Nanango, Queensland, Australia


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