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Murphy’s Creek, early 2006, 5.30pm, reported October 2007

Murphy’s Creek, early 2006, 5.30pm, reported October 2007

Some time earlier last year I was taking my wife to work at Helidon. After l dropped her off I was returning home to Murphy’s Creek and was driving along Airforce road with three kids age 6 to 12 in the car when I saw a bright cigar-shaped light in the sky that didn’t move. I told the kids to look at the bright light, and as l drove the car slowly along the road the three kids became scared and my son, 6, jumped into the back seat trying to hide from this light. The two girls kept looking, but they both suddenly become very quiet and scared. l kept driving very slowly until l reached the Lockyer Sliding railway. Even now we still all remember what happened on this late afternoon at 5.30. It was not a plane but we believe it was a UFO. I am 60 years old and l have seen these things a couple of times — once while camping in Victoria near Bright, before the first Russian spaceship Sputnik 1 was launched, plus 12 years ago near Dalby Queensland, at about 12.30am.


Murphys Creek, Queensland, Australia


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