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Mundubbera, Tuesday June 8 1999, 10.10pm

Mundubbera, Tuesday June 8 1999, 10.10pm

A man reported seeing a bright flash like a blue police light through his house window. He jumped out of bed, but could see nothing. One minute later he felt an earth tremor that shook his house. He lived 5 miles out of town. The next day people in Mundubbera reported hearing an explosion and a noise like someone kicking the door. The man stated that related reports were made as far north as Gladstone and as far south as Nanago. The next day he went to the Raglan Air strip south of Rockhampton to an Air Show which many locals attended where there was much talk of this incident. The Gayndah police initially interpreted the reports as a possible aircraft crash. [Editorial Comment – This report should be considered with the Ban Ban Springs report, and strongly suggests a meteorite interpretation. The delay of the earth tremor of about a minute suggests that the impact point was at least 100 km away from this witness].


Mundubbera, Queensland, Australia


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