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Multiple UFOs

Multiple UFOs

January, 2019 (no exact date given)

While stargazing with a lady friend at about 8pm on the Sandgate water front I noticed a constant bright light high up travelling SE to NW general direction. It was a very clear sky at that time. I pointed it out to my friend. We thought it was a plane or maybe a satellite. Then it started stopping and starting. Then going left and right while still moving forward. It then did a u-turn and looked like it was getting chased by another smaller light. It then sped up dramatically and faded away like it was leaving the atmosphere with the other light chasing it. About 15 mins later another light appeared going west to east. It’s light was bright and then faded and got bright again. The stars stayed the same brightness though. It had the same movements as the first light. Then a smaller light appeared behind it and it also took off with the smaller light chasing it. About a half hour later another bright light appeared on the same path as the first light doing the same motions. Then it changed direction and headed north. It then sped up and disappeared. None of the lights were flashing. They were all moving quite fast and not in a way that a plane can move and way too fast for a helicopter. There were no sounds heard.


Sandgate, Brisbane Australia


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