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Multi coloured star like object

Multi coloured star like object

My partner was outside tonight on the 16th of April 2018, he called me outside and pointed out a strange star like light in the sky. It is very clear out tonight, not a cloud in sight. We live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. The light was approximately 30 degrees above the horizon facing West. The light had a similar angular size to Jupiter when viewed with the naked eye. It was multi coloured which made me think of chromatic aberration, the seeing conditions tonight from where we are located were not optimal even though sky appeared clear, there was a lot of air turbulence. The first thing I did when I saw the light was grab my finder scope from my telescope inside, which I noticed the light appeared to be moving, I thought maybe it was a plane but then it suddenly stopped moving, at this point my partner grabbed the finder scope and I was viewing with naked eye, it moved slightly to the side and stopped and then moved back again, then stopped. Then it seemed to get slightly brighter and moved up and then down and then stopped again. At this point I asked my partner to stay watching it while I grabbed my telescope, it took me a couple of minutes to set up and by the time I got my scope outside the light had started moving down a few degrees, I could only just see it above neighbours fence, so I took my telescope inside, our place is elevated off of ground and I pointed it out the window (I have a 10 inch reflector). Just as I had it set up and had the light in my finder scope ready to look through the telescope eyepiece the light suddenly disappeared. I have studied Astronomy at University and I understand a little about how light behaves in the atmosphere, but the specific side to side movement up and down movement and then disappearing I couldn’t explain off the top of my head. As I said there was a lot of air turbulence tonight as I took my scope back outside to look at Jupiter and a couple of stars and I noticed terrible seeing conditions. This would explain the twinkling and sort of extreme chromatic aberration possibly. But again why the strange motion of the object and why was it so bright? I thought maybe a drone? But I couldn’t find anything on what drones appear like in the night sky. It did not move like a plane or satellite which I have seen many of in the night sky. I also understand it could be a reflection, but I could not find any details of this on the internet. I thought I’d report my sighting on here in case you have heard of this sort of thing before and had an explaination, or even if you don’t just to put it out there. Thank you for hearing my account.


Tanawha, Australia


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