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Mt Warning, 1993 [reported July 2003]

Mt Warning, 1993 [reported July 2003]

A man and his friend were driving to another friend’s place at Crystal Creek, NSW. It was dusk when he saw two lights in the sky over Mt Warning. He had a warm feeling and received a telepathic message from the lights that said ‘we are waiting to meet you at your friend’s place.’ As he drew nearer to his friend’s place he received another message saying, ‘the little one is frightened, we will leave and meet you at another time.’ When he asked his companion if she was frightened, she confirmed she was. The caller reported having this experience once before when he was inside a house and he received a message to, ‘come out on the verandah’, but he ignored it and has regretted it ever since.


Mount Warning, New South Wales, Australia


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