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Mt Tamborine, February 22 2008, 7.50pm

Mt Tamborine, February 22 2008, 7.50pm

I am on Tamborine mountain, at Eagle Heights. At approximately 7.50pm on Friday 22 February, I saw a very bright light, several times larger than other stars in the sky at the same time that was hovering and moving in an irregular pattern. It was to the southwest, and I watched it for about 20 seconds, then ran upstairs to tell my family. By the time I got up the stairs, five seconds, I yelled out through the door and looked back in its direction. It had moved a little lower in the sky and it seemed to be moving quite quickly towards the south/south-west and got smaller in size very quickly. The light disappeared within a couple of seconds. At a guess it would have been above the QLD/NSW border. What more can I say? I will keep looking and wondering!


Tamborine Mountain, North Tamborine, Queensland, Australia


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