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Mt Sheridan, North Queensland, 2005, reported April 2010

Mt Sheridan, North Queensland, 2005, reported April 2010

A number of years ago, about 2005 I think, I was sitting on my verandah at about 11.00pm looking in a westerly direction at the mountains in the Edmonton area in Cairns, North Queensland. A white light like a white fluorescent ball came up above the mountain top, hovered for a minute, then moved slowly in an undulating up and down pattern for about two kilometres to the north and then slowly disappeared straight down either behind or into the mountain top. I thought it might be a helicopter. About a minute later a second light came up from the same spot as the first. This was long and thin and looked for all the world to be a fluorescent tube but was about 5km away and I estimated it to be rather large due to its size and distance away from my viewing point. It too followed the same path as its predecessor, except completely unwavering, and disappeared vertically in the same spot. About a minute later another ball of light exactly the same as the first, emerged from the top of the mountain. It stayed perfectly still for a while then, in an instant, accelerated so rapidly as to appear to have teleported itself to the spot where the first two lights had dropped out of view. This one then did the same in the same slow manner. By this stage I knew I was observing some sort of craft of a higher level of manoeuvrability than people can build, so I knocked on my next door neighbour’s door to get them to verify what I was seeing. All three of us watched for about half an hour and nothing new happened, and having woken my neighbours they were not impressed. They never looked at me the same again. I know what I saw and it wasn’t an aircraft that man has made or has knowledge of. I spent a few more hours watching the mountain that night and many more nights since, and have never seen anything of a strange nature again.


Mount Sheridan, Queensland, Australia


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