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Mt Rowan, Victoria, January 1995, reported 2008

Mt Rowan, Victoria, January 1995, reported 2008

I was parked on the top of Mt Rowan having a wee when I looked into the sky directly above my head thinking what a clear starry night it was, when a large craft flying at only 500 metres flew slightly above me. I could clearly see the shape and some of the detail on the craft. It was larger than a 747, flew lower than a Cessna and made no noise at all. Underneath it had four rectangular lights on the bottom about the size of roller doors. It had pipework visible around the lights. It was black and shaped like a diamond. As it flew over I opened the car doors yelling for the others (my wife and brother-in-law) to get out and look. It flew away from us slowly and seemed to follow the terrain as it went. It also had a flashing red light on the back of it. It did not seem to have a tail of any sort.


Mount Rowan, Victoria, Australia


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