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Mt Isa/Queensland Border, 2002

Mt Isa/Queensland Border, 2002

A friend and I were driving to Newcastle from Darwin in late 2002. I apologise I can’t be sure of the specific date as it was some time ago.

We drove straight from Darwin to Mt Isa without any incident. We slept there for approximately eight hours and at around midnight my friend woke me and said ‘come on let’s get moving,’ as he wanted to travel at night as he wanted to save fuel and not risk overheating his car driving at high speeds. About an hour or so out of Mt Isa we were heading toward the Queensland border I don’t know exactly where we were as my friend had done this trip several times, but we did go past the Walkabout Creek Hotel not long before this happened.

Anyway, as we were heading down this stretch of highway you could see other cars and trucks coming up around the bend, and all of a sudden this bright, pulsating and large yellowy gold-coloured light didn’t follow the course of the road and flew off the road into a field beside it. My friend and I looked at each other and said ‘did you see that?’ About a kilometre up the road there were cars and trucks pulled up on both sides of the highway, looking at this thing. Approximately 150 to 200 meters away in this field was what I can only describe as a light machine. This thing had what looked like two halves to it and big multi coloured lights coming out of it everywhere. It was quite mesmerising to look at. I went to get out of the car but my mate grabbed me and said ‘get the **** back in the car!’ and floored it. We were driving for about fifteen or twenty minutes when my mate asked me what that bright light was behind him in his rear view mirror. I looked behind us and coming down the road at an elevation of probably 15 or 20 meters was the same pulsating light. Needless to say it was brown trousers time. My mate floored his car flat. It was that year’s SS Commodore so we were moving.

The object broke off and flew up around this hill off to our left up around some radio towers which were discernable by the red lights on them. I looked up again not twenty seconds later and it was gone. We thought that was the end of it and continued driving, but at pretty ridiculous speeds.

Half an hour or so after this we came up to this road and there were signs leading up to it saying all sorts of things like “Do not drive down this road tress passers will be prosecuted.” and “Beware private property stay out” with skulls and cross bones on it and the final sign was a Boral Concrete company sign.

Now this was a perfectly groomed dirt/gravel road in the middle of nowhere and we came up to this massive installation thing. There was what looked like a castle wall with two massive guard tower things and double check point gates between the towers. The buildings were very curious and it felt eerily strange. One thing was certain, this wasn’t a Boral Concrete facility! I’m a builder and I’m aware of what a concrete manufacturing plant looks like and where they tend to situate them. My mate and I looked at each other and I said that we should get the hell out of there and we bailed as fast as we could. Shortly after this we came up to this town with absolutely no power. Now I’m aware that some of these towns out in the bush turn off their power except for essentials like traffic lights etc at night to save generator power, but there was no power to this place whatsoever. The main street of this town was a few hundred meters long. When we were on our way out of the town EVERYTHING came to life. All the shops lights turned on and then the traffic lights all came alive as we drove through the second last set and then the last set came on we thought it was strange.

Then my mate slams on the breaks and says ‘look to your left Scotty.’ I looked to my left and there it was in all its glory — it was the same machine we saw earlier. It was no more than 15 meters away and was kicking up dust and emitting a really deep, almost inaudible vibration. Next thing my mate once again planted his foot.

It’s here that my memory goes pretty vague and blurry. The next thing I remember it was about 6 or 7 in the morning and my mate said I need to sleep and we pulled over in the middle of nowhere and slept. I woke up first after a couple of hours had passed and by now it was getting hot. Now I noticed I was wearing a different shirt of mine and the shirt I was wearing I’ve never seen again to this day.

This night has never sat well with me and it’s something that I really think I should look into but I’m partly terrified of what regressive therapy could reveal but at the same time it’s like I know something’s happened to me that I’m unaware of. If anyone’s had an experience like this please contact UFORQ and they’ll put you into contact with me as I know other people saw this object and perhaps someone knows something more about what’s going on. I’d be happy to verify this to anyone and I’ve got nothing to gain from this except ridicule but I feel very strongly I’m not the only one.


Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia


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