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Mt Gravatt, October 30 2003, 10.30pm

Mt Gravatt, October 30 2003, 10.30pm

A woman was sitting outside on her verandah when she observed what she first thought was a plane emerging from a cloud. She then realized it was a clear night and there were no clouds as she could clearly see the stars all round her, so she had a closer look. She observed what appeared to be 4 windows dimly illuminated from the inside and seemed to be within a framework of an oval-shaped object on its side which was flattened at the ends. It was a typical saucer shape that was only determined by her due to the shape of the disturbance around the object and not by any distinct outline. She described it as “like a torpedo going through water” and the disturbance it creates in the water was how she described the disturbance of the air currents around the object. It was travelling south in what appeared to be a long arc as she observed it for 25 to 30 seconds. It was moving horizontally and very smoothly, which she kept emphasizing. It was eventually lost to sight behind the neighbour’s house. She described it as the length of a pen at arm’s length at approximately 75 to 80 degrees elevation, and thought she heard a low whirring noise above the traffic which faded as the object moved away. It was hard for her to judge how far it was from her location.


Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia


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