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Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, Tuesday February 25 2003, 9.45pm

Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, Tuesday February 25 2003, 9.45pm

A woman was sitting outside on her verandah [first floor] having a cigarette before she went to bed. She saw two luminous electric blue lights race past her up the street travelling from north to south at extremely high speed, one immediately behind the other. They were 1 metre square, luminous bright blue with a white blurred edge around them like cotton wool. As they raced up the street there was a tremendous roar and such a ferocious wind that it uprooted a tree [conifer] across the street [see photo below]. They went past her faster than she could blink her eyes. She was the only one awake and with the light on at the time.

She also reported another experience she had 30 or 40 years ago where she was driving along a lonely stretch of road travelling towards Melbourne from Albury. She was by herself and it was about 9.00pm, she thinks, when she saw a large lime green cigar-shaped craft on her left pacing her car 100 metres away and at about twice the height of a telephone pole. She could see persons sitting inside the craft but she could not distinguish them very well. She thought there were about 6 people sitting down and they appeared to be dressed in uniform as they were all dressed the same. She described the object as about the size of a small car which paced her car for 40 miles.

When she slowed her car down the object would slow down, and when she increased speed it would increase speed. She kept wondering how she was going to shake the object off and was very frightened. As she got to a turn off point at the Digger’s Rest Hotel, she stopped her car and the object just vanished. She was very frightened by the whole event and went inside the hotel to get a drink to settle her nerves and compose herself. She was known by the locals at the hotel so when she went inside they asked her what was wrong as she looked all shook up. She didn’t want to tell them what happened because she knew they would laugh, so she just said she was tired. She said she has told no-one in her family about these experiences as she knows they will not believe her and question her sanity.


Brisbane, Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia


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