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Mt Crosby Road Anstead, 2002, 9.00pm [reported December 20 2004]

Mt Crosby Road Anstead, 2002, 9.00pm [reported December 20 2004]

Verbatim report: ‘I recently saw the most amazing thing and it was right next to me practically. I don’t think I will ever get over it, it was so amazing. I was driving down Mt Crosby Road, Anstead, about 9pm one night and I was in a convertible with the roof down. I was just lighting a cigarette and pondering what I was going to do when I got home to north Ipswich etc, when all of a sudden I became aware that something huge was overhead. I looked up and saw a huge triangle above me. At first my mind was telling me that it was some kind of plane, then in a nanosecond it was gone and then a different looking machine was hovering right near me.

By this time I had come to a complete stop on the road and was utterly dumbfounded, in fact totally overwhelmed. [The object was 10 metres away from the parked car] I phoned my friend just down the road and told them what was happening. It looked like an octagon shape, made of metal and it had a front flap open with search lights [white] beaming onto the ground as it moved very, very slowly along [described as one mile per hour] a couple of metres above the ground. It had coloured lights around the edge, I can remember blue, that remained constantly on. I remember hearing the sound of a ‘superb engine, like the Rolls Royce of engines but very quiet. I saw the object for about two to three minutes in total. Then, probably because it was all too much I decided to put my foot down and get out of there.

The next day the witness called the RAAF and they told her ‘we don’t have anything that hovers’


Anstead, Queensland, Australia


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