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Mt Crosby [reported July 2003]

Mt Crosby [reported July 2003]

1. A man reported seeing a very bright blue-green light descending rapidly for 10 to 15 seconds before losing sight of it below trees. He described it to be like a meteorite but with no tail and coming straight down. As it did so it did not appear to change size.

2. This same witness had also seen an object in 1989 when he was with 2 other adults and a child. He observed a light which seemed to ‘bounce like a beach volley ball’ going straight up vertically in the sky. A storm had gone over Brisbane and he could see it against the storm clouds. He witnessed this for 5 to 8 minutes.

3. In 1993 he was sitting on a deck chair on a verandah below another verandah when 3 lights moved overhead shining light down. The floorboards of the verandah overhead were not close together so strips of light shone through on to him as the 3 lights passed overhead. They were at different heights but travelling within 100 metres of each other. They were ‘dead silent’. He rang Amberley Air Base but they had nothing in the air at the time.


Mount Crosby, Queensland, Australia


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