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Mt Cotton, Tuesday March 30 2004, 1.00-1.30am

Mt Cotton, Tuesday March 30 2004, 1.00-1.30am

A man was standing on his verandah looking south when he saw an object like a star at about 30 to 45 degrees elevation in the sky. It changed colour and shape and seemed to get bigger and very star-shaped. It began spinning and at various times it turned away and towards him “like a hand turning away and towards you”. It was about 20 to 40 km away and about two centimetres in size at arm’s length. It then split into two for about five minutes and then reintegrated. The second object was smaller than the first. After it reintegrated it turned then moved off. He observed the object/s for 30 minutes and in that time it moved lower towards the horizon “as if moving away”.


Mount Cotton, Queensland, Australia


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