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Mt Coolum, August 2002, 6.15am

Mt Coolum, August 2002, 6.15am

A man was out jogging while it was still dark and was passing the local golf course when he saw an incredibly black cloud with blue sky on one side. As he stood looking at this cloud, he saw a satellite. As he watched the satellite pass overhead, it “blew up” like a small moon for a few seconds. He phoned because he was still puzzled and wanted to understand what he had seen. One possible explanation offered to him was that the satellite might have had a large flat solar panel or other flat surface which momentarily reflected the sun straight to his eyes. With the presently available information about the black cloud we can not infer that it was other than an unusual natural phenomenon. Two weeks later while out jogging again, the same witness observed a black or brown, longish, oblong object moving south to north, shooting out a dull red shaft of light forwards every second or two. As he watched, the object stopped, turned and continued on to the east over the ocean. He lost it in the morning glow after observing it for about 2 minutes.


Mount Coolum, Queensland, Australia


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