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Mount Warning, 2004

Mount Warning, 2004

In December 2004, the week before Christmas, my wife and I had been spending a few days staying at Uki in the Mount Warning area about half an hour’s drive inland from Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. On our way back to Uki from shopping in Murwillumbah, on Uki Road approaching Byangum, I noticed five short white ‘vapour trails’ like short white clouds in the distant sky [diagram top left, page 7], and pointed them out to my wife who was in front passenger seat. We both had been thinking they were a long way off as from the road there isn’t a continual view of that part of the sky for several kilometres. Closer to Mount Warning they all came into view again. We now had a closer view, and the ‘vapour trails’ were split, each splayed out at the same acute angle of approximately fifteen degrees. All were motionless, just hanging there in the western sky as sunset approached. Two were horizontal to the ground, two were at approximately 45 degrees, and one was perpendicular to the ground.

That part of the sky was lost to view for several kilometres while following the course of the winding road. Then suddenly we came around a bend and there were four of them in full view straight ahead and to the left of the road, and we found the remaining one practically right over the top of us on our right, but far enough away to see everything without leaving the car. Only the oncoming traffic lane separated us from one of two visible columns of light beaming down from a strange black capsule or pod.

Forming part of a ten to fifteen degree cone was the nearest of two visible translucent beams of golden light, each one ‘boiling’ with seething effervescent glowing ‘firefly’ particles, like a freshly poured beer placed over a strong light. I saw two beams to each craft but there could have easily been a third obscured behind other two. There was no sound. Bands of alternating bright and dim luminescence travelled upwards through each column of light to a black triangular ‘pod’ shape at the apex. Each beam appeared to be generated from a corner of the black triangle, which was in direct sunlight, although the sun had set behind hills. I could see sun reflecting from glazing (possibly a crew compartment), and estimated its altitude to be 500 -1000ft. The black colour was a dull finish, and had little or no gloss. There were no vertical control surfaces such as fins or rudders. I could see no wings, just a flattened three-sided pyramid profile. I had stopped the car to avoid being rear ended, and started moving at a crawl while looking for somewhere to pull the car off the narrow bitumen road which takes you beyond Uki to Nimbin, Kyogle and Lismore. At the time, my wife had thoughts of a close encounter and wanted to get out of car to meet with the occupants. To this day I firmly believe there was nothing extraterrestrial in the encounter. The triangular pod shape had a remarkable resemblance to top secret US stealth aircraft.

The encounter ended once we rounded the next bend on Uki Rd / Kyogle Rd and we were in Uki within five minutes. I lingered out the front of the Uki guest house when we got back, watching for the next car arrive into the village following us. The occupants of the next car displayed no body language to suggest they’d seen anything unusual when they called at the Uki butcher shop.


Mount Warning, New South Wales, Australia


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