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Mossgiel, Qld, 2004

Mossgiel, Qld, 2004

The sighting took place between Mossgiel and Ivanhoe at 2.00am in 2004 in September. I was late leaving a remote job on a property between Hillston and Mossgiel, and our policy is not to stay at school home sites so I drove about 30 kilometres west and tried to sleep in the back of the Toyota landcruiser. I gave up at 2.00am as it was just too cold, so I started driving to Ivanhoe and was up around 160kph when I noticed a rotating unit keeping pace with me for about 10 minutes. I thought it was a windmill at first. I saw my camera on the seat of the car and reached over and switched it on and set the zoom on maximum. The object was moving closer so I stopped, rapidly jumped out and took the photograph just as the object disappeared. I could not tell if there was any noise as my engine was still running and there was no time to tell. The lights on the ground are from my car head lights as I swung the car to face the object to see if I could illuminate it, but it was further away than I thought. The object would have been around one kilometre away. It looked to me to be about 20 metres in diameter. It seemed to have some depth but it was hard to tell. It looked solid and it I believe it was a moonless night so it was very dark. So as soon as the lights went out I couldn’t see it again. I remember looking at the stars to see if there was something passing between them and the ground, but I couldn’t detect anything. I have driven that road many times and there are no trees of any real height, just saltbush and desert type ground, so I had it wasn’t as if it could have dropped behind an object.


Mossgiel, New South Wales, Australia


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