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Morningside, February to May 2006

Morningside, February to May 2006

My wife and I live in Morningside and almost every night we take the dog for a walk after 10.00pm. For the last few months we’ve seen many unexplained things in the sky. Being in the middle of a flight path we are used to aircraft sightings and helicopters flying overhead, but they do not fit the descriptions of what we saw.

On two separate occasions I have looked up to admire the night sky and seen a bright object moving very fast, up and out of Earth’s atmosphere, very similar to the space shuttle’s trajectory. As the bright white object moved up and out it gradually got dimmer. On one occasion it nearly disappeared as it got so far away, but then it obviously turned and came back down closer to earth as the light moved across the sky again and got gradually brighter. It then completely stopped and stayed there for about 20 minutes.

Another thing we’ve witnessed recently is an object flying north to south at a few hundred metres altitude. What is strange about this object was that it was not “flashing” the way aircraft lights do, but like a light bulb slowly glowing bright and then slowly getting dim as it moved across the sky. It was completely silent and then it suddenly disappeared as it moved across the sky. There was no cloud whatsoever, so it didn’t vanish into a cloudbank. About a minute later a helicopter appeared as if following the object. It hovered and then continued in the same direction as the object. I remarked to my wife that Amberley may have seen the object and sent a helicopter to get a visual. Very strange.


Morningside, Queensland, Australia


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