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Moreton Bay, Thursday May 28 1998, 9.30pm

Moreton Bay, Thursday May 28 1998, 9.30pm

A man with a naval background was fishing off Redcliffe when he saw a box shaped object to the east. It was shaped like a matchbox on its side with a white light above and a yellow light below. It was seen at intervals throughout the night at various angles of elevation around 60 degrees but in the same general direction and at a similar distance. In apparent size it was bigger than a 20 cent coin and had the general proportions of a matchbox. It was white with a thick dark strip running front to back on its side. Near the back, what looked like a small square window could be seen at times. The witness works in the airline industry, and checks on air traffic and radar sightings failed to disclose any likely explanation.


Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia


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