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Moree [NSW], May 10 2006, 8.20pm

Moree [NSW], May 10 2006, 8.20pm

Last night [10/05/06] at approximately 8.20pm I was driving my sons and their friend [all aged 12 and 13] home from karate when we all noticed a bright ball of orange light in the western sky at about 45 degrees above the horizon of Moree NSW. This light was hovering in a small elliptical orbit. Seconds later it was joined by an identical “orange ball” and then a couple of seconds later a third “orange ball”. The three balls were all hovering in their own small elliptical orbit but were together moving in one larger elliptical orbit. One or the other of them would momentarily disappear but would reappear almost as soon as it was gone. This continued for approximately 30 seconds then all three vanished at the same moment.

Although I was driving through the residential part of town at the time, the view was very clear as there is not a lot of street lighting. The sky was a typical crisp, clear outback autumn sky with no cloud and the stars clearly visible. The “orange ball” lights were far too large to be planes or helicopters and did not move in a manner appropriate to either. I have no explanation for what we saw and I have never seen anything like it before in my 47 years.


Moree, New South Wales, Australia


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