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Moorooka, Thursday May 15 2002, evening

Moorooka, Thursday May 15 2002, evening

A man observed something like a bright star moving in a straight line at about 15,000 feet high. It travelled across the sky in about 8 to 9 seconds then faded out until it was too far away to see. The following night he saw a plane and knew what he had seen was nothing like a plane. He had also had a very close sighting in New Zealand. He described it as a black plane hovering overhead at about 2 lamp posts height. He never heard it approach or knew it was there until he looked up and caught a glimpse of it. He said it looked like one of our planes but a lot sleeker. He tried to look in through the cockpit and stood up and as he did it disappeared and all he could hear was the sound of it 3 to 4kms away out to sea. It was so fast he never saw it leave.


Moorooka, Queensland, Australia


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