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Moorooka [reported April 2003]

Moorooka [reported April 2003]

1. The witness observed a series of lights flying in a flat ‘T’ formation going west towards Redbank Plains. The ‘T’ shape changed to an anchor shape then the lights slowly changed direction towards Ipswich. The lights were the same size as plane lights, but not flashing and each one was coloured red in the front and white in the rear. There were 8 lights all together.

2. Occurred about two years previously when the witness was standing in the front yard of his home at Moorooka. He observed a red and green light about the size of two stars together in a cigar shape. No noise was heard.

3. Occurred approximately two years previously when he was out walking his dog. It was 8pm. He looked up and observed two black balls come over the trees in front of him approximately 30 metres away. They were each about the size of a soccer ball. At first he thought they were balloons but when they moved in front of the security lights they did not light up as was expected, but remained completely black. At the same time all sound stopped, he could not hear any traffic noises, insect noises etc. He looked down at his dog but it appeared to be unaffected. He watched these balls for one minute before they disappeared.

4. Driving home from work along Kingsford Smith Drive in Brisbane at 3pm he observed a dull silver object flying over the city at about the height of a house. He only observed it for 4-5 seconds before it disappeared. He described it as travelling faster than anything he had ever seen before.


Moorooka, Queensland, Australia


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