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Mole Valley River, Queensland [reported November 2005]

Mole Valley River, Queensland [reported November 2005]

The following incident may be of interest to you and up until now I have not told anyone except my son, his wife and his son. I sold my farm in the Mole River Valley, about 30 miles from Tenterfield [and Stanthorpe Qld] about three and a half years ago to retire as at age 77 I was feeling my age.

Before this it was my habit to sit outside for a while when I knocked off about 8.00pm to enjoy the cool of the evening. One evening as usual I relaxed outside the shearers quarters and being partly colourblind I noticed a “star” going the wrong way from west to east. This star, with a deep golden flash, went directly overhead and started to descend vertically.

The lower it came the less flash there was until, when it was really low, I could barely see it. My natural conclusion was it had to be a helicopter, and for some six months I watched it coming the wrong way at about 5.30pm each evening from west to east, then go overhead and descend vertically. I think it was landing in my neighbours place but one day he burnt along our boundary and the next night it came and landed in my place.

That night, after having my evening meal as usual, I thought I saw a glow over the rise, or had a feeling of something, but I could see nothing about and am not sure what motivated me to wander over the rise. My neighbours are several miles away and I naturally suspected stock thieves as it was very prevalent in the rough mountain country.

On topping the rise I could not as yet see anything wrong. I didn’t even have my rifle. Then I saw, about 150 yards, away a bright incandescent glow, not very big. I approached cautiously, but as there was a rocky gully ahead I thought it wiser not to proceed closer as there was as yet no moon. I could clearly see a very bright incandescent glow. On steady study of this glowing object I could see two humanoids standing side by side, examining something they held in the open palm of their hands. Both beings looked as though they may have had wings, as the height of their heads was abnormally close – half way closer to the top of their shoulders and about my height, 5 feet 8 inches.

Next I observed a wavy incandescent hose or tube to the right, and following this visually I saw a large cylinder and could recognise a familiar small bunch of saplings standing alone beside an access track going out to the ridge and open country that I used regularly. I estimated the height of the cylinder from the known height of the saplings, between the cylinder and myself, that showed up in relief against the luminescent cylinder. It worked out at approximately 25-30 feet wide and about 50 feet high and had a gradual curved nose.

I spent all the next day searching for the spot where the two beings had stood, and although there was bladey grass two feet high where they had been I could not find the slightest crushing of anything. I rang my neighbour across Mole River to come over and have a look because I wanted another witness, but he had not finished work his wife said. Before I could hang up I experienced the loudest racket you could imagine and was then forced to quickly hang up, even though I held the phone at arm’s length.

Burrum Heads 2004 [reported March 2005]
I am eleven years old and would like to report a strange being on the beach at Burrum Heads. I was walking my four year-old dog along the beach of Burrum Heads in 2004. It was very sunny and the tide was out. I was walking about a kilometre along the beachfront when I came up to a bunch of mangroves. There was a farmhouse nearby, further up the bank. My dog started to pull so hard on the lead that she almost pulled my arm out of its socket. I growled at her and told her to keep moving for I thought she was being stupid.

I looked up and there was an extremely tall being standing about 50 metres away from me. It was glowing a magnificent red and had two long legs and very, very short shoulders about 25cm on top of its legs, which were easily two metres. Its feet were pitch black hooves [the only thing that didn’t glow] and its head was a large but not very thick circle with absolutely no features or expression on it at all. I was scared stiff for a second then I turned around and ran like I never had before. I now know what my dog was trying to get away from. I have told no one of this event except my mother.

My friend just told me recently that her parents’ friend had lived at the farmhouse that the glowing red being was near. She said that her parents’ friend one day threw a stick for his two cattle dogs and the stick landed on the beach. They were perfectly fine and ran after it. They both grabbed the stick and belted towards him, dropped it while still running towards him and went mad. The white one ripped at his ankle and he had his shot gun next to him and shot both of the dogs before they killed him and his family. That was in the same place as I had seen the alien so it might be a hot spot Burrum Heads.


River Mole, Mole Valley District, United Kingdom


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