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Moggill, Brisbane Thursday June 6 2002, 10.15pm

Moggill, Brisbane Thursday June 6 2002, 10.15pm

A man and his wife were sitting watching TV when they heard what sounded like the sonic boom of a meteorite. The dog started barking and the wife went outside to see what was happening. The husband went outside too and reported seeing 6 lights travelling in pairs across the south west sky. By the time he joined her a couple of lights in the sky had already gone past. His first reaction was he thought they were flares. They were yellow with a pinkish tinge and spherical in shape. They were travelling horizontally at a 45 degree angle. They turned towards the east and seemed to accelerate. They made absolutely no noise, were smaller than a large aircraft’s landing light and about 10kms away. The male witness rang the RAAF base at Amberley, Archerfield air field and Air Services Australia. They all reported nothing on radar. [see 14.6.02** for more reports from the same witness]


Moggill, Queensland, Australia


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