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Miami, Gold Coast, June 16 2007, 8.00pm

Miami, Gold Coast, June 16 2007, 8.00pm

Last night about 8.00pm my partner and I were standing outside our house when I noticed an intense large single orange light slowly pass overhead. The object flew in the same flight line as airplanes flying from Coolangatta, but the thing that struck me was that it was a lot lower and only had a single light. It had no flashing light on the tail and made absolutely no sound. I watched it for about three minutes as it slowly faded into the distance. I couldn’t clearly make out what it was but the light emitting out of this object was intense and didn’t look like a plane’s light. About five minutes later a plane flew over our house. I quickly called my partner outside to watch the plane, which was flying at a higher altitude than the object, yet we had absolutely no problems in hearing the plane’s engine. Also, the plane was lit up with its flashing light etc. I can’t explain what I saw, but I’m sure it wasn’t an airplane.


Gold Coast, Miami, Queensland, Australia


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