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Merrimac, Gold Coast, November 29 2010, 4.30pm

Merrimac, Gold Coast, November 29 2010, 4.30pm

On the 29th of November 2010, I had been on the computer at home most of the day just having a lazy day off from work. I was into a new PC game I had bought, so I was stuck to the computer screen at the time.

Now I believe I am quite an intuitive person, and I listen to my thoughts and gut feelings a lot because usually it’s right. Something in my mind told me to ‘go outside’, so I listened to the thought. I stopped playing the PC game, got up from my computer chair, walked to the upper balcony of our home and sat in a chair and started gazing at the sky. I did all of this without even thinking about what I was doing. Something in my mind told me to do this so I did. The weird thing is I hardly ever go to the upper balcony of our home, only the lower.

At our home we have a upper and lower balcony overlooking Burleigh Heads to Labrador, which provides a very broad view of the Gold Coast. Were we are we have a flight path for commercial aircraft that goes slightly over our home, north bound. And we also have a flight path for aircraft that do a fly by/approach for a Gold Coast Airport landing. I’m very familiar with this. I am a plane lover, and have loved everything about planes since a young age. I am also a former Virgin Blue Ground Crew staff member. I can tell the difference between an Airbus and a Boeing flying in the air by the sounds and shapes. I also know what a military or light aircraft looks like flying. They are nothing foreign to me.

On this day the sky was quite clear with a few scattered clouds. Otherwise you could see a lot of blue sky. So I was sitting on this upper balcony, looking up at the sky. I was watching for at least five minutes or so when I saw something appear from over the roof of our house. It was flying quite low as I saw it go through some low clouds. It was in the shape of an egg/orb, almost like a flattened ball. It was white in colour, it had no wings, no sounds, and no sun reflections or shadows coming off the object (which you normally see on an aircraft). T

he object flew SW to NE, and was moving at a steady cruising speed. It flew from Merrimac to Bundall within the time span of at least three minutes. This would have happened at approximately 4:30pm in the afternoon. I looked at it for as long as I could until it was a small speck in the distance. This object was flying in its own flight path that no aircraft I know follows. The 10 years I have been at this property, I have never seen such a flight path.


Merrimac, Queensland, Australia


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