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Mermaid Beach, April 7 2008, 8.50pm

Mermaid Beach, April 7 2008, 8.50pm

Walking down to the beach, we saw directly east and about ten degrees to the right, a light hovering out over the sea on the horizon. We also noticed at least one or possibly two airplanes circling the objects with flashing lights on. I believe they were observing it too. Holding a 50-cent piece at arm’s length, I estimated the object as around the length of four buses back to back.

We only saw its lights, and they seemed to move or manifest into different positions on the craft. The lights were bright yellow and/or white. It was shaped like a large navel ship from what I saw, and its lights seemed to move and rearrange themselves, but within the area of vehicle. Apart from that, did not see it separate. I believe it was a “USO.” It would look like a submarine with its light under water, then it would seem to manifest like it was sitting on the water, then it would rise directly up, move sideways and lower back to the surface, and then go under water again, several times.

At around 9.45pm (after nearly an hour of observation) it seemed to be underwater, then it went north along the coast and I could see it in the distance near ‘The Spit.’ When I watched it, it was hovering around quite slowly, moving around 50kph, and when it went underwater it sped off north very quickly. It was there one moment, then just gone. It was also witnessed by my girlfriend who was at Surfers Paradise, as I made phone contact with her while sighting it.


Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia


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