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Melbourne, October 2006, night

Melbourne, October 2006, night

I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to give me some explanation of what I saw in the night sky in Melbourne about five months ago. It was a very clear night and, as is my usual routine, I went out in my backyard for a smoke before going to bed. On nights like that I like to spot satellites and meteorites. Almost every time I do this, I see at least one or two satellites so I am very familiar with what they look like and how they move through the sky. I also live near the airport so I am also very aware of the difference between planes and satellites in the sky. This particular night I saw a satellite moving almost directly north-south at a constant speed. Then I noticed it slow down and start to turn towards the east in a wide arc, something I had never seen before. Then, while I was trying to comprehend what I was seeing, I saw a second satellite approaching from the north at a very high speed. It passed extremely close to the first satellite as though it was sent to intercept the first one, and continued at speed on its heading towards the south. It seems that the second satellite didn’t have the ability to change course like the first one did. The original one continued along its curved path from the north and disappeared into the east. I have told a small number of friends and family about this but I’ve never told anyone else. I don’t have any photographic evidence but my memory of the event is very clear.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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